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What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online subscription service that will allow you rent hundreds of thousands of movies and stream thousands more to your PC.  When you rent a movie, it is shipped to you in the mail and you can return it at any time, no late fees.  Once you return the movie, the next movie in your queue is shipped to you.  Shipping both ways is free.  Newer to Netflix is the ability to stream thousands of movies directly through your browser, making it easy to watch movies instantly.

What you may not know about Netflix

Recently, more and more devices are enabled with the ability to stream Netflix movies directly to your TV.   Devices such as Playstation 3, Xbox, Nintento Wii, Roku, and more are enabled.

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What is Topsy?

Topsy is a search engine that uses Twitter’s tweets to determine the popularity of a link.  This means you can quickly find trends and hot topics across the internet using Topsy.  Instead of basing its results off of a much slower determining popularity system such as search engine bots and link popularity.  Think of each Twitter user itself as a website.  Their popularity helps determine the popularity of topics tweets across the Twittosphere.  This is an excellent way to find and discover things on the internet, different from the conventional search engine method.

What you may not know about Topsy

Since Topsy is based on Twitter tweets, you can find newer content faster on the internet.  This means you can search results using their time filter (found on the left after a search query) and get newly popular topics within the last hour!  Amazing.

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What is FanSnap?

FanSnap is a service to find event, concert, and sporting tickets.  FanSnap actually aggregates ticket data from across a network of ticket selling sites and makes the ticket purchase experience much better.  Using FanSnap you can easily select your event and it will show you the venue that is interactive.  From here you can actually zoom in and pan around the venue to see what tickets are still available.  Next you click on an available set of tickets, and make the purchase.  Now you’ll know exactly where you’re sitting when you get there!

What you may not know about FanSnap

FanSnap allows the users to upload photos taken at those different seats.  This will give you an actual view from those seats at that venue.  Can this get an easier?

Here’s a quick video on FanSnap for you:

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