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Epicurious.com – Learn how to cook, basic cooking techniques




What is Epicurious?

Epicurious is a website dedicated to recipes, cooking, drinking, entertaining, and restaurants. It is owned by CondeNet, the online division of Conde Nast Publications.The site also includes recipes from Bon Appétit magazine and Gourmet magazine. The site accepts recipe contributions from readers. Epicurious used to have a TV series on the Discovery Channel, but it no longer airs. (read more at Wikipedia)

What you may not know about Epicurious

Epicurious, apart from its great collection of recipes, has a great collection of videos that teach you how to cook.  It greats to watch the Food Network and all, but what you never really get to learn is the essential basic cooking techniques all of these fancy chefs take for granted.  Now with Epicurious you can learn hundreds of these same techniques they use on their shows, in your kitchen.

Watch this video for more:



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