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TheSixtyOne.com – How to build a reputation for discovering new music




What is TheSixtyOne?

TheSixtyOne is a site to discover new music and share with others music you’ve discovered.  Gain scene credit points for the amount of music you listen to, recommend, and favorite.  If you think you know what the next best thing is in music, then show how well you really do know new music with TheSixtyOne.

What you may not know about TheSixtyOne

You can ‘bump’ or vote up a song to show that you really like the song, but your bumps are going to cost you, your scene points that is.  Less popular songs cost more to bump, but in return can increse your rewards if the song becomes more popular.  The idea is to make better decisions on what songs you vote on, by making you have to accumulate points to spend on things such as ‘bumping’ songs.

Here’s a quick video on TheSixtyOne:


  1. January 19th, 2009 at 13:40 | #1

    Another interesting new site for discovering music is Music Patterns at http://www.signalpatterns.com/music_survey. It’s based on research by best-selling music author Dan Levitin and the team at Signal Patterns.

    You get a personalized playlist based on your ‘music personality’ and how it compares to people like you. You also get visual, interactive feedback on your music preferences and some cool social features.

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